[Fuglu-users] Fuglu 0.6.2 released

Oli Schacher oli at fuglu.org
Fri Sep 5 14:31:24 CEST 2014

Hi fuglu users

Fuglu 0.6.2 has just been uploaded to the python package index.


* new Prepender: PluginFraction (basically the opposite of
  PluginSkipper:include instead of exclude list)
* new tool: fuglu_suspectfilter . Use this to find out which rules in a
  suspect filter match a sample message
* Spamassassin Plugin: unix domain socket support
* Improved bounce message formatting
* new config: outgoing_host for reinjecting messages into a remote MTA
* the HeaderPlugin has been removed, the plugin was buggy and the
  functionality is redundant
* Clamav Plugin: removed the deprecated STREAM scan method with INSTREAM
* tuned the internal thread pool which should slightly improve scan
* reorganized script directory, added init/systemd scripts for the
  common linux distributions
* added action DISCARD as alias to DELETE to be more consistent with

Upgrading should be a simple as installing the new version. No config
changes required (unless you actually enabled the broken
and now removed HeaderPlugin)

 Home: www.fuglu.org
 Release downloads: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fuglu/0.6.1
 Source: https://github.com/gryphius/fuglu
 Issue tracker: https://github.com/gryphius/fuglu/issues

Cheers and have a nice weekend



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