[Fuglu-users] Plugin consisting of multiple files/with external dependency

Andreas Scherrer ans at open.ch
Thu Apr 5 08:03:09 CEST 2018

Hi Oli

On 04.04.18 13:54, Oli Schacher wrote:


> I guess by dependencies you mean "something that python can import" - in
> this case the file has to be somewhere in the python path (sys.path).
> Fuglu adds the plugindir to sys.path at startup, this is why it is
> working there.

Yes, that is correct. By dependency I mean "something that python can
import" :)


> That being said, we could allow for multiple comma separated paths in
> the "plugindir" configuration option and document it as "plugins and
> their dependencies". This would also allow for dependency overrides, so
> we could load a different version of a dependency from the one installed
> in the system path as the plugindir takes precedence.
> If that sounds reasonable I'll patch this in.

Thanks for offering this; to me it does sound reasonable, but it also
makes things more complex. Maybe too complex in most cases?

Currently, what we have right now is enough for me to handle my
situation. I suggest to keep things as they are for now. I would gladly
come back to you (via this list) if my opinion (had to) changes for some


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