[Fuglu-users] Message counting, example for tags, doc

Tobi tobisworld at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 17:54:43 CET 2018


> I mean, having a per
> month/day/hour/minute rate limit for a given sender or domain

maybe this helps

but as stated there as well this only makes sense in fuglu's prequeue
mode ;-)
Anyway I think such rate-limits are better placed in mta config and not
the content filter.

Based on the port of mail-injection from mta you can use skipper plugin
or fraction plugin

to skip certain plugins or run only a fraction of all plugins based on port



Am 28.02.2018 um 16:50 schrieb Peter Laszlo Szabo:
> Dear List,
> first of all, thanks for this great tool!
> I'm about to test it for an installation and as far as i can see, fuglu is
> a great tool. A few things comes to my mind after reading the docs.
> 1 - It would be perfect as a "policy enforcer". I mean, having a per
> month/day/hour/minute rate limit for a given sender or domain. Is there
> currently such a feature implemented? If not, maybe the Archive plugin is
> suitable for this to be extended?
> 2 - The docs (
> http://gryphius.github.io/fuglu/plugins-index.html#plugins-included-in-fuglu)
> refers about plugins, what do you think about having a reference there on
> the "extra" plugins (https://github.com/gryphius/fuglu-extra-plugins/)? Or
> am i simply missing the reference?
> 3 - The docs says "Fuglu can be configured to treat outgoing mail
> differently. Can you please elaborate it a little? As far as i can
> understand, the only way to do is to match on the port fuglu accepted the
> incoming request, which is a tag in the message object, and a corresponding
> filter file needs to be created for this. Unfortunately i was not able to
> find an example of a filter rule dealing with a tag in the message object,
> just a mention of the "@" prefix to be used.
> Thanks for your help in advance!
> with best regards,
> ------------
> Szabó Péter

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