Python virtual environment

At this point of writing, when setting up for python3.11.2 in debian 12


python3 -m venv --system-site-packages venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install swig==4.1.1.post1
pip3 install pykcs11==1.4.4
pip3 install dmarc endesive bs4 sqlalchemy aioprocessing python-magic python-libmilter


When using vscode 1.85.2. cd to the root of the project that contain the python virtual environment as setup described in setup


vscode should auto detect. Verify by open a terminal within vscode.

vscode .

unit test

Ensure you have the virtual environment setup . Then install test dependencies.

pip3 install --editable '.[test]'
apt-get install unrar

different ways to test

# run all unittests under fuglu/tests/unit
$ python3 -m pytest fuglu/tests/unit

# run a single unit module
$ python3 -m pytest fuglu/tests/unit/

# run a single unit class
$ python3 -m pytest -v fuglu/tests/unit/

# run a single unit function
$ python3 -m pytest -v fuglu/tests/unit/

# exclude a test
$ python3 -m pytest -v  fuglu/tests/unit/ -k 'not test_lint_notimpl'

# to show debug logging during pytest
$ python3 -m pytest -rA -s  --log-cli-level=DEBUG  fuglu/tests/unit/