Fuglu is a mail scanner daemon written in Python. Installed as a postfix before-queue or after-queue filter fuglu can be used to filter spam, viruses, unwanted attachments etc.

Fuglu’s simple plugin architecture allows extending functionality easily (basic python skills required).


Fuglu’s features include

  • Virus Scanning ( clamav / sophos / f-prot / … )

  • Spam Filter ( spamassassin / rspamd / … )

  • Mail Archive

  • Attachment Blocker, with global/domain/individual rules

  • Different behaviour for outgoing mail (eg. don’t scan for spam but scan for viruses)

  • statistics (performance mrtg graphs, spam/ham , viruses , …)

  • Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) provider for postfix

  • SPF, DKIM and other mail authenticity tests

  • global/domain/individual configuration in SQL database

  • easy to extend with custom plugins